Frequently asked questions about HopeHealth and Home Care & Hospice of New England’s Affiliation

Q: Why are HopeHealth (HH) and Home Care & Hospice of New England (HCHNE) joining forces?
A: This opportunity was inspired by a common desire to advance our missions to enhance quality of life for people experiencing serious illness and their families. By combining talents, resources and complementary service lines, we will become a stronger, better organization, and the largest not-for-profit hospice and palliative care provider in New England.

Both organizations have recognized that in the current healthcare environment, creating a larger, regional entity is essential to strengthening our capacity to grow and continue to serve our local communities. The affiliation will position us to thrive in an increasingly competitive and complex healthcare environment, ensuring the long-term strength and viability of the organizations.

Q: What will be the legal structure for the new combined entity?
A: There will be a not-for-profit parent organization which will have three not-for-profit subsidiaries, two in Rhode Island and one in Massachusetts. Currently, they are:

  • RI: Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island (HHCRI) and Visiting Nurse Home Care (VNHC)
  • MA: HopeHealth

Each organization is and will continue to be a 501(c)(3).

Q: What will be the name of the parent entity? Will the names of the existing organizations or programs change?
A: Each organization, and the parent entity, will assume the HopeHealth brand. 

  • HCHNE will become HopeHealth
  • HHCRI will become Hope Hospice & Palliative Care of Rhode Island
  • VNHC will become Visiting Nurse of HopeHealth

HopeHealth in Massachusetts will legally become HopeHealth Massachusetts. For marketing purposes, however, it will retain its current HopeHealth name.

It is important to note that the word “hope” not only aligns with the Rhode Island State Motto, but it reflects the meaningful work done by both organizations every day. The name also reflects the expanding services provided by our combined organizations beyond traditional home care and hospice.

Q: How will the new entity be governed?
The subsidiaries will retain their local Boards of Directors, ensuring their continued community engagement, support, and guidance. The parent entity, HopeHealth, will have a Board of Directors led by two co-chairs and will have equal representation from each organization.

Q: What are the advantages and benefits of this affiliation to our various constituencies?
This affiliation will create a larger organization that will be better able to continue the high quality of care that both organizations have a tradition of providing. Achieving a critical mass of combined services, as well as an expanded geographic footprint, will give us greater financial strength, access to talent and a more robust infrastructure. It will also allow us to be more efficient and cost-effective – all with the goal of enhancing our ability to deliver high-quality, compassionate care and supportive services in our communities.

While patients, families and clients will continue to receive the highest quality care and service, the affiliation also creates the potential benefit of additional services. For example, while both organizations have deep expertise in end of life care, HHCRI has an established and highly regarded palliative care program that could be expanded to serve patients in Massachusetts. Similarly, HopeHealth has innovative programs in dementia and home-based primary care that could be expanded into Rhode Island.

For our various partners, this affiliation will provide a broader spectrum of care and greater capacity to develop and adapt services to meet their needs in a larger geographic area. Our combined systems and resources will make us a stronger partner and each organization will continue their existing partnerships and business relationships that have been developed, while seeking new opportunities for the larger entity.

Donors and supporters can be even more confident in our long-term viability, knowing that their dollars are being directed to the delivery of more local community programs and services in their respective communities. By operating more efficiently, any gift will now go even further in helping us serve patients and families.

Q: What are the financial benefits of this affiliation?
Both organizations are financially strong, so the affiliation is being primarily driven by the changing healthcare landscape and the desire to continue to provide the best possible care in that environment.  While our local programs are stable and successful, they will need to be supported by an increasingly sophisticated business infrastructure and systems, which the affiliation will allow us to achieve.

Q: Who will lead the new organization?
Diana Franchitto will be the CEO of the parent entity. 

Q: Will there be changes for employees at either organization? 
There are no significant changes anticipated in the immediate timeframe. Over the coming months, we will develop a long-term, integration plan designed to strengthen the financial base of the combined organizations and allow us to grow, creating more jobs to better serve our patients, clients and their families.  At this time, we don’t anticipate any layoffs as a result of the affiliation. 

Q: Will the affiliation lead to new corporate offices or the relocation of existing facilities?
There is no plan for a new corporate location or to move current services or administrative offices.

Q: Will there be impact to any business lines?                                                  
A: It is our goal to continue to grow all of our programs. We believe this affiliation will afford us the opportunity to further enhance our service lines.

Q: How will the affiliation affect current facilities run by each organization, like the Philip Hulitar Inpatient Center or the McCarthy Care Center?
 Our inpatient hospice units, the Philip Hulitar Inpatient Center in Rhode Island and the McCarthy Care Center in Massachusetts, are essential to each organization and to our local communities. This affiliation will fortify our ability to grow and ensure the future demand for and success of our inpatient hospice centers.

Q: How will this affiliation impact established partnerships and affiliations with other organizations?
Any current affiliations, partnerships and collaborative relationships will remain intact. For instance, HHCRI’s affiliation with Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School will continue, as will HopeHealth’s relationship with the Massachusetts Pain Initiative.

Q: How will this affiliation impact the number of patients the organization can serve?
This affiliation will enable each organization to offer more services to a potentially larger base of patients, families and clients throughout the combined service area.

Q: What is the new combined service area?
The new combined service area will be Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts.

Q: Will patients of clients have new caregivers as a result of this affiliation?
There will be no changes for patients, clients or their families - they will remain with their current care teams, clinical and medical providers.

Q: How will the affiliation benefit fundraising activity?
As separate not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entities, the subsidiaries will continue to fundraise independently, continuing to seek the generous support of their respective donors. Donations given to any of the subsidiaries or specific programs will continue to be used for the purposes and programs for which they were intended by their donors. The same will be true for endowments and philanthropic assets.

Q: Will the affiliation have any impact on charitable contributions made to HHCRI, VNHC or HopeHealth this year?
It will not impact donations or tax deductions in any way. 

Q: How will the affiliation impact the respective endowments, or other philanthropic assets, of the two organizations?
There will be no change.  All endowments and philanthropic assets will remain with their respective organization.

The Board of Directors and senior leadership at each organization are extremely excited and proud to be undertaking this highly strategic and positive step forward.  We are running three great organizations that together will become stronger. Of course, our strength is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all involved – our staff, volunteers, donors, supporters and health care and business partners. 

Thank you for all you have done and for all you do – and for helping to make this endeavor possible.

Facts & Figures:

  HHCRI/VNHC HopeHealth
Total Employees 440 230
Patients and clients served daily 1,200 1,100
Total Volunteers 350 170
Total Revenue $45M $28M
Philanthropy raised $2.4M $2M



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