Healthcare Professionals: Hospice Care

Whether you are a physician or a case manager considering making a patient referral, a social worker or a nurse desiring continuing education, or a provider interested in potential collaboration -- we are here to be a valued partner in providing the finest care. We want to be your trusted partner, helping to meet your clinical and business goals.

The Hope Hospice Difference

At Hope Hospice, we are committed to reaching everyone who is eligible for hospice care throughout our communities. We cannot do that without your help. So we are committed to working in partnership, providing you with the best customer service and delivering expert care.

Making a Referral

Making a referral to us is quick and easy. We admit patients the same day we receive your referral, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And, we are always available to speak with you, your staff, and your patients and families about the resources they can access through hospice.

The earlier in the disease trajectory your patients are referred, the more Hope Hospice can do to improve their quality of life. Our hospice team works with you collaboratively, to develop the care plan. We also act as advocates to ensure our patients get the optimal care plan and benefits.

Eligibility: Who Should Be Referred?

Anyone with a life-limiting illness or a combination of illnesses may be eligible. Life-limiting illnesses may include cancer, heart, lung or liver disease, diabetes, ALS, Parkinson’s, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fibrosis, HIV/AIDS, blood disorders, Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia -- and others.

Regulations require a doctor’s statement of life expectancy of six months or less, but patients often live longer. There is no limit to how long someone can be in hospice care. And, eligibility is re-assessed at regular intervals. If a patient you referred lives longer than six months, our physicians and nurse practitioners make a face-to-face visit with your patient to re-assess for eligibility. If the patient is still eligible, they recertify the patient to stay under our care. As the attending physician, you will receive a copy of this recertification for your patient record.

Sometimes, a hospice patient’s health improves and they are discharged (or “graduate”) from hospice care. Later, if their condition declines and they become eligible again, we are here to re-admit them to our care.

Hope Hospice has the simplest admission criteria possible – we admit all eligible patients. Any patient who meets the two Medicare admission criteria is eligible:

(1) In the physician’s judgment, the patient is more likely than not to die in six months or less -- if their disease follows its normal course

(2) The patient elects (desires) hospice care

If you believe a patient may be eligible, please call us at (508) 957-0200, send us a fax at (508) 957-0379 or an email. Our expert intake staff will be pleased to consult with you or your staff, to speak with the patient or family about the benefits of hospice, and to perform an assessment for eligibility.

Learn more from some of our partners in care.

Michael Markowski, MD describes how Hope Hospice provides value and service to him, his patients and his staff. 

Hospice Care in Any Setting

Hope Hospice cares for patients in any setting – private homes, assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, retirement communities and hospitals. We are contracted with over 80 facilities throughout our service area, which includes Barnstable, Plymouth, Dukes, Bristol, Norfolk and parts of Suffolk and Middlesex counties.


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